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Top 3 Project Management Tools

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Even with a project manager on your payroll, you’ll need a project management tool to keep your team on track and up to speed. There is an overwhelming number of options out there, and the last thing you need is another task on your to-do list. Here are our favorite options, with their pros and cons for you to consider as well.

Like many other project management tools, you can assign tasks to team members and monitor progress on tasks. One of the nice things about ClickUp is that it allows you to see things in multiple views, depending on what you’re trying to visualize. It also has almost endless options for customizations. You can monitor processes, progress, time management, and allow colleagues to collaborate on different documents and tasks. One of the upsides of ClickUp is also one of its downsides, in that you are able to customize so much that it can be a little overwhelming. is probably one of the most well-known options available to you. It’s very easy to use, and has a great free trial option so you can decide if it’s what you’re looking for. It’s easily customizable, and it has a very cool look to it. The downside is that beyond the free trial, it can get a little pricey per person, so it is probably best for smaller teams.

Asana is excellent for communication between team members. Its best feature by far is the capability for collaboration. It also allows for meeting agenda creation, and has a somewhat-secret way of tracking applicants for jobs. Overall, Asana is a great option, but its biggest flaw is that a task can only be assigned to one user. When you have a team working on something, that part can add complications. It’s also a little confusing at first, though easy to get used to it.


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