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How to Stay Motivated During the Sunny Seasons

Listen, I get it. Trying to sit inside and focus on work when there’s a beautiful hike or day at the beach or lake calling your name is rough. But staying motivated during the spring and summer is not negotiable, especially with so many industries experiencing their busy seasons during this time. Growing up in Miami, I know what the struggle to stay indoors feels like, so I’ve got some tips to keep you focused and motivated.

Set clear working hours

While it can be tempting to “take a break” multiple times throughout the day when it’s beautiful, chances are you’ll actually get to enjoy more time in the sun if you hunker down, do you work during your set hours, and then give yourself the rest of the afternoon and evening off to enjoy yourself. One of the best parts of the spring and summer months is the long hours of sunlight, so don’t feel like daylight is going to run out before you get to enjoy it.

Enjoy natural light

If you can, find a spot in your house or apartment where you can get some natural light. Even though it’s not quite like being outside, studies indicate that natural light can keep you healthy and happy. Go work outdoors somewhere if there isn’t a good spot in your place for the sun to get through.

Take some walks

This might seem like it’ll interfere with keeping your work hours defined, but taking a walk at lunch or to go get the mail or even just around your office will keep your blood flowing so you can stay focused and finish your work sooner.

Meal prep good food

Making food that you can easily grab throughout the day is critical to keeping yourself focused. The last thing you want to do is wait until you’re too hungry to think straight and then spend 45 minutes making yourself a lunch, or even worse, spend $30 on getting a meal delivered. Having snacks available and balanced meals will also make you feel better in the evenings, so you can go enjoy your free time.

If you’ve tried all these tips and tricks already, and it’s just not working, let us know! We’re happy to help people get motivated and stay that way. That’s what project managers are for!


At Our Project Experience, we have a dedicated team to help get your project off the ground and reach your goals. Each client is paired with the perfect project manager, based on project requirements and how well we think you’ll work together. We’ll make sure your experience is a smooth and happy one, and you’ll have our full team at your fingertips. Learn more here.

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