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How to Hire a Top-Notch Project Manager

Are you searching for the best tips for hiring a project manager? Find out the qualities you should look for in the best project managers, which questions to ask during your first meeting, and tips that can help you save money.

Business owners and start-ups look for a project manager to lead their team and execute their projects within the given scope, deadlines, and budgets. Project managers are worth their weight in gold; however, many businesses and start-ups wait until it's too late to hire a project manager.

Here are the best practices when searching for a project manager.

What is a Project Manager?

Project managers are professionals who play a crucial role in the field of project management. They are responsible for planning, executing, monitoring the projects and tasks with the help of the project team in the given constraints and resources, including deadlines and budgets. They are accountable for the entire project scope; In other words, they are what makes or breaks a project. Because of this, it’s essential for every organization to make sure their project manager is top-notch.

The Role of a Project Manager

Project managers serve as the central point of communication with all functions of the project. They may work with various teams or focus on individual clients, across several departments. They may also help budding musicians, artists, and startups in growing and focusing on the bigger picture of the organization. Essentially, an effective project manager bolsters the progress of a project, mitigates risks, and ensures maximum output at minimum costs. Other merits of a great project manager include:

Strong Communicator and Internal Communication

Project failures can occur due to miscommunication or lack of communication. Project managers are typically strong communicators and improve communication across various departments. They ensure teammates are aware of the assigned tasks which help maintain progress. A good project manager is a team leader and knows his or her client’s needs and offers motivation and support during challenging times.

Improvements in Financial Management

One of the important duties of project managers includes mitigating financial costs. They just don't navigate the financial costs involved but also facilitate improved cost budgets. With the help of a project manager, you may exercise greater control over your budgets and costs.

Efficient Problem Solving

Project managers handle problems efficiently and provide quick solutions. Teammates typically report to the project manager leaving upper management to focus on larger or more crucial tasks.

Why Do Businesses Need a Project Manager?

Project management is a multifaceted, complex process with a long list of deliverables. To ensure effective project management and move the engine of your organization forward strategically, businesses require a skillful project manager. And, to know more about why businesses need a project manager, below is a list of relevant and convincing reasons highlighting their significance. Let's check them out:

Tips for Finding and Hiring a Project Manager

Here are some creative questions to spot the best project manager among a plethora of candidates. These tips will help business owners to get an insight into candidates' experience and capabilities.

  • Use smart hiring practices

To select the right candidate as your new project manager, lean on technology. Ask your project manager candidates to give scientifically validated behavioral and cognitive tests and assessments. These assessments may help determine how well your project manager will work with your team. In some cases, a project manager might ask team members to take assessments to determine personality types within your team project.

  • Define the skills of your ideal project manager

It is essential for businesses to define the skillsets they are looking for in their new project manager. They should be an excellent central point of communication and build a strong rapport with clients. They should also be able to convey the client's requirements to the teammates to meet the project goal. Importantly, a strong project manager should know your industry.

As a hiring manager or owner, you should also highlight the key certifications, skills, and expertise in particular departments or with specific software. These goals will help the project manager to fit well in your company. For example, if you are an enterprise working on integrating blockchain technology into your processes, you’ll want a project manager who is well-versed in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The same is true for technology, music, or fashion industry-focused companies.

  • Smart Interview Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down a few project manager candidates, the real test begins. Hiring managers should make sure they take full advantage of this opportunity. Most candidates know their strengths well. So instead of talking about their strong points, prepare challenging questions.

Talk about the candidate's expertise in technology to improve the effectiveness as a project manager. You may also prompt a discussion over their role to help achieve the company or project’s goals.

Another strategy would be to talk about the failures and conflicts of the candidate to throw light on his or her problem-solving techniques.

What Qualities are Important in a Project Manager?

On the project management front, candidates may possess the following qualities to qualify as the new project manager of your company. Let’s have a quick look at them:

  • Strategist

Strategists possess the ability to predict accurate results and focus on the outcomes. They are professionally outcome-oriented. They proactively handle risks and failures until things are set right.

  • Leadership

Leadership qualities in a project manager ensure that they reward the project and team with success by looking at the larger picture. Their proactive and controlled attitude helps to navigate the ups and downs. They energize the whole team to encounter challenges with greater agility.

  • Controllership

A good project manager has the necessary change management skills to control and contain changes to the project. Controllers can easily take tough data-driven decisions and deliver a high-end performance especially when they gain a clear understanding of the goals and the outcomes of a certain project.

Hiring a project manager can be challenging. However, implementing the best practices we discussed above may ensure a smooth hiring process. We know our article will help you spot the best candidate leads as a project manager in your company.


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