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Hire a Top-Performing Project Manager

Our Project Experience™


Project Management to support you through your campaigns, projects, and events

Our method is unique because we go into each day with a holistic approach. Our goal is to give you whatever you need to achieve your goals and bring out the best in you and your team!

What a Project Manager Does

A project manager’s job is to drive projects from start to finish, with a specific focus on timelines, goals, and budgets. A project manager can work with multiple teams, across various departments, and even with individual clients. 

A project manager can help a budding entrepreneur get hyper-focused, or assist a growing organization to free up more time for the executive team to focus on the big-picture. Learn more about the 5 Phases of Project Management

PRO TIP: Hire a project manager before your team passes 10 employees. A project manager can immediately start building value and prepare you for growth. Typically companies start looking for project managers when they’re already hurting for one. 

The Value of a Great Project Manager

Hiring a project manager is critical, but as a business owner, only you know what they’ll be able to do for you or your project. You’ll want to consider the stage and needs of your company when looking for a project manager.


Here are key benefits a project manager can offer: 


  • Monitor a budget and come in under estimates

  • Help founders transition to big-picture focus

  • Help founders get organized and create targeted tasks

  • Keep business owners focused, accountable and motivated

  • Take management off the executive team’s plate

  • Remove administrative tasks from employee workload

  • Facilitate teamwork between multiple departments

  • Communicate clearly top-down and bottom-up 

  • Manage client expectations 

  • Keep projects within scope and on target

  • Manage timelines, hours, and deadlines

  • Maximize efficiency

  • Minimize cost



"Sam will not only guide you down the right path to make you more efficient, he will upgrade your thought process. I’ve been working with Sam a little over the year now and I must say the amount of growth I’ve experienced is noticeable to others."


—  Gio Casimir, President Devon Smith Photography

Ready to Get Started?

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