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We're here to help 

your business thrive.

Helping entrepreneurs find their north star, scale their business, organize their time, nurture a creative mindset, and launch successful projects.


Project Management to support you through your campaigns, projects, and events. 

Our method is unique because we go into each day with a holistic approach to whatever you need in order to bring out the best in you and your team to achieve your goals.


Clients We work with


Small Businesses Owners

Small Business Owners

Image by Joel Wyncott

Musicians, Music Industry Professionals

Musicians, Producers

Image by Austin Distel

Blockchain, Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency Investors

Blockchain enthusiasts, Bitcoin and crypto-currency investors 

Image by Omid Armin

Professionals Seeking Work/Life Balance

+ Meditation Integration 

All types of professionals and entrepreneurs 

Image by Austin Distel

Coaches, Authors, Public Speakers, Influencers

Authors, Coaches, Public Speakers, Influencers

Image by Timon Klauser

Artists, Designers, Decorators, Fashion Industry Professionals

Artists, Designers



At Our Project Experience, we have a dedicated team to help get your project off the ground and reach your goals.


Each client is paired with the perfect project manager, based on project requirements and how well we think you’ll work together. We’ll make sure your experience is a smooth and happy one, and you’ll have our full team at your fingertips. 


Gio Casimir

President, Devon Smith Photography

Let me start by saying,

"Sam, I’m one passionate asshole."

He will not only guide you down the right path to make you more efficient, he will upgrade your thought process. I’ve been working with Sam a little over the year now and I must say the amount of growth I’ve experienced is noticeable to others. One important rule/warning: IF YOU’RE NOT READY TO BE PRODUCTIVE OR BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR OWN FUCKUPS, please don’t contact him. He makes sure that everything you want to achieve is achieved and helps you surpass that. There’s so much I have to thank him for. Not only he helped get my existing business on track for success, he also inspired me to start a new business!!!! That’s the kind of person you’re hiring. Keeping you at the forefront of his time. He will be dedicated to you! He will be committed to you! He will inspire you to not only reach for the moon but the extended galaxies man! I feel like I’m divulging too much. Y’all just hire the man and watch how not only your business efficiency will improve but your life will get in order as well. 

Thanks Sam!!!!

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Elyse Cenatus

President, Elwood By Elyse

Just worked with Sam for the first time, we have always had a personal relationship, but this was my first time working with him on a professional level. Sam kept me accountable, he provided me with tools to help me stay on task and complete the job on time. He is very valuable, his checklists are excellent guides. He is flexible with his time, he goes above and beyond to address unforeseen needs. I cannot wait to work with him on my next project. I recommend him for any project management needs.

Mat Jeanius

CEO, Beach Stone Counseling & Sober Words

In the process of starting my second business, Sam was there with me every step of the way. Their management style of no nonsense and straight forward attitude kept me on us on track. They will keep you honest to your task.


They seamlessly provide the most appropriate climate to bring the best out of you, your team and your project. I am grateful to the whole staff at Our Project Experience for all that they have provided me. Worth every dollar! 


Chef Ophus (Cleophus) 

CEO, Triangular Traded Spices


I was referred to Sam by a friend and since day one we had an outstanding working relationship. Sam knows how to bring the right resources together, internally and externally. He has helped me catapult Triangular Traded Spices during the pre-launch phase. Sam is a great communicator, very detailed oriented and schedule-driven.  He will definitely guide you and your business into a higher level of success. Sam has a great process for project management that greatly improved the chances that my business Triangular Traded Spices launch would be completed on time, on budget, and on target.

Our project Experience


Sam Blanchard, Founder

Tel: (305) 988-6543

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